Composite (White) Fillings

White fillings are one treatment option for teeth with cavities. Composite materials come in a wide variety of shades to closely match the color of your teeth and allow them to look as natural and as beautiful as possible when you talk, laugh, or smile. 

When indicated, we restore your teeth with the safest and longest lasting resin-based composite materials available.

Composite is used in dentistry for a number of reasons. It is relatively easy to use and manipulate during placement; it remains soft so it can be packed to fill any irregular volume, and then forms a hard compound once cured. A key advantage of these bonded composite fillings, as compared with other dental restorations (such as amalgams or “silver fillings”), is that they are a more conservative approach to restoring your teeth in that they require less of the healthy part of a tooth to be removed to hold the filling in place. These restorations are bonded to the teeth  and when placed properly, blend in seamlessly for an incredibly durable and extremely esthetic result. 

This type of treatment only requires one visit. The cavity is thoroughly removed and the tooth is conservatively restored to its original condition and appearance. 

Your teeth are restored to a natural look and feel!