Home Care Instructions For Temporary Veneer/Crown/Bridge

  1. Keep the area very clean by brushing gently with a soft toothbrush.
  2. Floss toward the gums and slide the floss out. DO NOT pull the floss up and down as the temporary may ‘pop’ off.
  3. Clean and floss under the temporary bridge with floss-threaders. These can be purchased at your local pharmacy.
  4. Rinsing with a recommended mouth rinse twice daily is highly advised.
  5. DO NOT eat sticky food such as gum, taffy, caramels, etc., as the temporary is cemented with temporary cement. Avoid hard foods such as peanuts, etc., as the temporary may break.
  6. Should the temporary come off, call the office to have it re-cemented. It should NOT be left off for an extended period of time.