Home Care Instructions For Dentures With A Soft or Temporary Lining


1. Soak your denture in a denture cleaning product, using only lukewarm, almost cool water. Hot water may damage the soft lining material.

2. Soak denture in the cleaning solution for up to, but no longer than 30 minutes/day.

3. During the first several days, use cotton balls to swab the liner. After this, you may try using a soft bristled brush.

4. Hot food and heavy chewing is not recommended for the first day. Also, since the lining is soft, small materials like seeds may become embedded in the lining.

5. Do not allow the lining to become dry. Keep your denture in water while it is out of your mouth.

6. Please keep your regular dental appointments and remember to always bring your appliances with you for routine evaluation.

7. Please also refer to and follow the appropriate recommended home care tips listed under Complete & Partial Dentures.

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